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My art starts with the amazement of our natural world; specifically the plants, creatures and trees that grow around us. Most of my work has been painted while sitting in awe and joy, mostly in my homelands of Chico, but also in the very different environment of coastal Brazil.  My art is a process of connecting with the beauty, patience and magic of what is inside and all around me.

I am sometimes attracted to the local beauty of my northern California-sweet home and other times enthralled in the different worlds paint can create: I can shift my art to the literal and then back to the abstract. 

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Britta Goldmann

b. 1984

Chico, Ca.


Movement Arts of Chico. Prayer and Movement Show. October and December 2021. Chico . California 

Chico Open Studios. Chico Art Center and Studio. October 2021& 2022 . Chico . California 

Día de Los Muertos. Chico Art Center and Studio Group Show. October 2021. Chico. California 

Tin Roof. Butterflies. Solo Exhibition. May 2021 . Chico . California 

Upper Crust. Solo Exhibition.  January 2021 Chico . California 

Naked Lounge. Los Amorosos. Solo Exhibition. September 2017


Taller de Pintura . Centro San Agustín . Oaxaca . México . July 2017

Masters in Bilingual Education . CSU . 2016

 Double B.A in Studio Art and Anthropology. UC Santa Cruz. 2002-2006.

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